Spoiler Alert: They’re Not What You Think

Food is such an integral part of my life—I made it my job for goodness sake.  So I can’t help but cringe when people start talking about cutting out food as a New Year’s Resolution. I get it, you just got through the holidays filled with indulgence and you’re feeling a little more fluffy then you’re used to. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely support getting and maintaining a strong lifestyle complete with healthy food choice. I just encourage all my readers that food shouldn’t be viewed as the enemy but rather the accomplice to help you achieve those goals.

Over the course of several years, I’ve watched the successes and failures of many of my clients, and I think you can really get some great advice in succeeding at a healthy diet with just three tips.

Eat More

Sounds too good to be true right. Ironically, many people fail at their weight loss or healthy diet goals simply because they aren’t eating enough. Now, there is a caveat. You must eat the RIGHT “enough.” A bag of potato chips and a family size bag of Twizzlers definitely would be “enough,” but you’ll still be starving at the end and even more frustrated with yourself.

Find foods you like that are high in fiber and protein, spice them up with flavor and make sure you’re eating enough so that you are satiated. The physical benefit of actually being full should give you the mental edge to continue to make great choices the rest of the week.

Stop Obsessing

I get the opportunity to work with a lot of brides in my line of work, and I know that the pressure of that perfect day can make any goal infinitely more difficult.  Obsessing not only creates mental frustration but it can also prompt the body to produce high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol has been linked to increasing appetite, cravings for “junk” food, and stubborn belly fat.

Instead of constantly obsessing and counting every calorie, plan ahead and put your diet on autopilot. Planning will make sure you have picked the right foods and having them on hand at all times will allow you to go about your day without overly thinking your choices.

Indulge in Food Porn                                                                               

Recently, the media has coined a new for America’s love of learning more about food and its flavors—food porn. A lot of new dieters shy away from their favorite food-based TV shows or blogs because they think it will prompt them to head for the fridge.

Truth is, for some people it does. But instead of giving up on the fun of food, why not just replace it with healthy food porn. Surround yourself with shows that show you new techniques, variations and carieties of healthy yet delicious foods. If you need help, email me or stop by our new location here in Zionsville, I have a ton of favorite and would even love to show you some of my own favorite go-to’s here in the kitchen.