Wedding Trends That We Think Will Tie the Knot in 2016

You might think taste testing new recipes would be the best part of being a caterer, and I can’t say you’re entirely wrong. But over the years, I’ve learned some of the other aspects of being a caterer are sometimes even more satisfying than even the most delicious dessert. Helping our brides and grooms take their weddings from concepts to realities is one of the most rewarding aspects of my job. Whether it’s creating a unique appetizer or even helping coordinate linens with the signature cocktails, I love getting to be a part of our clients’ special days.

And one of the benefits of having catered weddings for more than 10 years and lavishly following the bridal blogs and magazines, I’ve quite the eye picking up on trends.


Here are our top three predictions for 2016:


The Not-So-Cake Wedding Cake
While we still have countless brides falling in love with the multi-tiered classic wedding cake donned with eloquent butter cream frostings and adorned with beautiful cascading flowers, more and more of our brides are opting for a little different take on the traditional cake. Whether inspired by tightened budgets, the desire to stand out in a flood of Pinterest posts or just to give guests something a little different, the non-traditional wedding cake has been making a comeback. From artisan doughnuts to festive pies, this is a trend I love and definitely support!

Breddings (aka Brunch Weddings)

As a breakfast lover, this is a trend I’m not only sure is making a comeback but also leading the charge behind. The concept behind the bredding is simple: brides and grooms serve guests a brunch instead of a dinner. Brides can either opt for an earlier in the day than the traditional evening wedding or simply use the breakfast foods as a theme for an evening wedding—think breakfast for dinner!  There’s a lot of fun ideas to make this one a reality from waffle bars to make-your-own mimosas. What’s more, if you choose to have your even earlier, you could possibly even swing a deal with the venue on pricing!

Bright Up

Finally, the last trend we think will hit it big in 2016 are bright and metallic colors. Not only are these more and more popular for linens and decor, but even food is starting to take on the bright hues. Shiny blush icings on desserts and rose-hued cocktails are popping up across the country in weddings. Whether rustic is your style or eloquent modern, bright and metallic colors could make your wedding pop.